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 Shoop vs Stek * Immigration Debate *

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PostSubject: Shoop vs Stek * Immigration Debate *   Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:11 am

I start it off with saying immigration should be free, this because I think every human should have the choice to decide where he or she should live.

I understand the debate is more complicated than this, but I think its better to let Stek give some reasons to why immigration shouldnt be free before I continue.
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PostSubject: Re: Shoop vs Stek * Immigration Debate *   Wed May 07, 2014 2:12 am

All legal immigrants who go through the process of becoming a citizen should be welcomed with open arms. However, illegal aliens who sneak into the country and bring absolutely no skills or abilities should be sent home. They are in direct violation of United States law and they damage the economy.

The economy is not getting good and right now not many immigrants want to come to the united states unless their is a push factor. IF we allow anyone to come to America then it will be over populated. Imagine half of Mexico's population coming to America .Not only Mexico but every other country with citizens not happy with what their country has to offer. All the gangs in other countries will come to the unites states and bring more violence. Drugs can be smuggled more easily and hatred will spread. I understand that their are families out there just wanting a better life but that will bring other problems to the table. The good balances out the bad which is why the government is allowing only some immigrants to get their citizen ship.

1. As of 2001, 4% of Hispanic males in their twenties and early thirties were in prison or jail -
as compared to 1.8% of white males.
2. Hispanics are the fastest growing group being imprisoned, increasing from 10.9% of all State
and Federal inmates in 1985 to 15.6% in 2001.
3. From 1985 to 1995, the number of Hispanics in federal and state prisons rose by 219%, with
an average annual increase of 12.3%.
4. Hispanic men are almost four times as likely to go to prison at some point in their lives as non-Hispanic white males.

We have very relaxed immigration laws compared to many other countries around the world and I can't help but feel confused as to why immigrants would feel the need to enter the country illegally. If they are able to contribute to the country, are proficient in English, and have the intelligence of a high school graduate (some may argue younger), there is little reason as to why one could not simply earn their citizenship.

People get all sensitive about this topic, but the bottom line should be similar to what many other countries have adopted. Some countries, such as Singapore, not only require an individual to be of certain net worth to gain citizenship, but one must also serve the military for a period of time as well.

The point I am trying to make is it shouldn't be about what the United States can do for you, it should be what you can do for the United States. If you are unable to serve the needs of the United States, you have no business coming to the United States.

Getting your foot in the door (legal or otherwise) and receiving a free hand out because you and your entire extended family earn wages under the poverty level is hurting the native born citizens of this country and are not only hurting the United States now, but will only hurt the United States in greater magnitude in the days to come.

This should be about whats best for our(us) country not for whats best for a bunch of people from another country that don't want to make their own place better but would rather come and get a free ride somewhere else. If they are such hard workers and want to do whats right they should make their own lands better. In fact mexico has beautifull land/terrirory. Nice beaches, etc.
Mexican's have too many kids that want free health care etc.
They did a horrible job in their country and they will come here and mess our country up as well.
So why let them come here and destroy ours.

Australia does a good job. Use them as a example so we can thrive like them.

They clog the prisons, the courts, the jails and the hospitals. And most of them pump out several kids which are now citizens too. It's ridiculous. The US is the new Roman empire ensuring its own downfall. These people cost 5 times more then they ever give back, and send billions if not trillions OUT of the country. Most of them are parasites and all of them are stealing jobs from native-born Americans.
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Shoop vs Stek * Immigration Debate *
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